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Solid Shampoo Bars - Essential Oils

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Solid Shampoo Bars pH balanced in range of essential oils. Save a plastic tree!. Our shampoo bars weigh 80 grams and will last well over 70 plus washes if you store your bar correctly (don't let it sit in water after you have fninished washing). Shampoo bar can also be used as a body soap - so very handy if travelling. We also have a tin which your soap can be stored (available separately).

Essential Oils :

Lavender - Soothing and deep conditioning

Rosemary - Good for dry hair, may assist with dandruff

Lemongrass - Great for oily hair and may also assist with dandruff

Peppermint - Stimulating and may assist with hair growth

Ylang Ylang & Bergamot - Ideal for damaged/treated hair

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